You happen to go into a Retail Location that has Outdoor Merchandise and they happen to have Hunting Items. You look around but Do Not see any of Our Products. Here's your chance. A simple introduction maybe....."you don't carry the BuckCage"? You don't want to make yourself a nuisance but rather educate the store buyer, show them the product and tell them why you would want to buy it. Get a business card & forward us the information right-away, however you see fit. This information then goes to our sales team which will work on this lead. If this store places and order with us, YOU AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE 10 -1000 POINTS per Location depending on what they purchase. For every $10 they buy you will receive points. This same thing can be done by phone, it's just much harder. Receive even more points for chain companies.  This sometimes can be extremely hard to do unless you may know someone that works within that Company!!! You receive even More points for Bigger Chains! Stores can buy direct from pro-staff store using code store50​ by going through or ​web-sites if they don't care for anymore information.

All Field Staff & Pro-staff are all members of the Private Mtn. High Hunting Pro-Staff group page and will be added if you have a facebook account. You can add photos, important messages and asked questions on that Group Page. This Group Page is also were you can keep in touch with the other Staff members. We ask that you Please be courteous and motivational, no bashing to the other members on this Page & if you have an issue you must private message that other person. If you do a blog or a review using your photo or not and we approve it, you can also receive 10-100 points (you must forward us the proof and source where it was done) also one blog and one review per best photo used. If you want credit for friends liking our 2 facebook Pages, you must make arrangements for a time slot. Every like we get from you inviting your friends, you will receive 1 point, example.....if you invite friends from your 2,000 facebook friends and 300 like our 2 pages, you earned 600 points. Contact us on facebook to make arrangements for your personal-likes time slot, so we can keep track of your generated likes.  We ask that you don't announce and provide your membership ID (email)  publically, telling your friends to buy using your discount, rather announce that your a field or pro-staff and you can get product for interested hunters, contact me for details!!!


Make cash & Earn Points while selling our products to interested hunters & Friends. Purchase our products buy the case earning points and using your discount, sell to hunters & friends up to the suggested retail price. Its up to you if you want to give a discount. Its also a perfect time to tell them to get you harvest photos if they don't mind, which will earn you more points.

Another way to sell Our Product is to give that hunter or friend  a vip discount for them to purchase and get your 20% discount CODE: vip20. We keep track of purchases and for every Purchase from you or any guest, group member or anyone using the coupon codes you give for fellow hunters to use, you receive points. If your selling the products yourself earns you more points because less discounts are given if your charging the regular retail pricing. If you are, your earning cash & points



What does PRO-STAFF mean to us & Our Company "Mountain High Hunting/BuckCage"???

PRO-means to promote a Company and their products.

Staff-means to be a Lucky outdoor member of that group within the Hunting World that gets to try and educate hunters and show the public-world about that Companies Awesome products and know how and what those Products do. You get group discounts offered to no one else and a chance to earn cash, free merchandise, trips and recognition within the Hunting World with us by your side, unfortunately we all have to work to reach our goals....lets just have fun doing it. Remember, nothing loss, You get only what you put into it.......we have an open door policy. If you feel that this is not for you or if we feel this is not for you (with plenty of notice and reason) then you may leave our group and no hard feelings wanted!!!

Ways to Earn more Points:


We gladly except all Legal Harvest Photos (Can be you or anyone else, maybe someone that bought from you, your child or spouse) but must have our products in them for points. Say you Harvest an animal but take 5 Photos of that same animal, to make it fair to everyone else we must pick only the best one from the 5 photos.....and that one photo will receive it's 10 points. If that photo makes it to the 2 main pages of facebook or instagram posted by us (Moutain High Hunting or BuckCage Page) it will receive another 10 points. Photos without a Harvest can be good also. We receive many pictures of our products being used in the field, in front of a sunset, a spectacular view, used by a pretty girl or a child, these photos get 10 points, but please dress appropriate for a more creditable photo. We also accept Trail-Cam photos with or with-out product visible. If product is not visible, we need for you to send us 2 photos. For example, our Lures......1st photo shows you on your trail-cam spraying our product on the same location that the 2nd photo is taken of that animal checking it out at a later time, same location. Trail-cam photos get 10 points. Videos in the same manner or showing product, get 10 points or more. Remember if we post photos or videos on our facebook or instagram you get another 10 points.  Do not send us anything you don't want used publically!!!